Healthy Recipes for students on the go!

Healthy Recipes for students on the go!
Anna DeRubeis is making a deliciously healthy breakfast. Photo taken by: Anna DeRubeis
Anna DeRubeis is in the process of making the breakfast recipe. Photo taken by: Anna DeRubeis
Healthy Recipes for Students on the Go!
The finished product after completing all of the steps. Photo taken by: Anna DeRubeis
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Yum! Chewing on the healthy breakfast made! Photo taken by: Anna DeRubeis


Does anyone really have time for eating a good breakfast? With a new year beginning why not make the resolution to eat a bit healthy and eat at appropriate times. Not eating breakfast can actually make someone gain weight. The person will tend to eat more during the later hours. A good solution is to wake up ten minutes earlier and, make and eat something yummy and excellent for the body.

What if I’m not a breakfast person? Grab a fruit or a granola bar! The person will notice that they’re not as hungry for lunch as they normally are. The student won’t have to pay extra for the extra sandwich or treat. Eating a healthy breakfast can also save money in the cafeteria.
What should I avoid eating? Studying online I researched that bread isn’t the best for your body because it is harder to digest. Foods would include French toast, pancakes and thick waffles. Those all sound yummy, but we should not be eating those on a daily basis. Maybe a healthier option for breads would be wheat or rye.

A healthy option would be my whole wheat peanut butter banana waffles! Mmm… Awesome for the body and delicious!
Any sort of small whole wheat waffles
Peanut butter or almond butter
One medium size banana

Begin placing 2 wheat waffles in a toaster at about medium power. While the waffles are cooking, take out a kitchen knife and a cutting board. Be very careful when using these items. Then, with the banana, peel the outer layer off and place it into the garbage can. After that, cut the banana into about 10 slices so about five will fit on each of your waffles. The student could also do more slices for a thinner affect; the slices would just overlap on the waffle. Next, grab the plate and the peanut butter. By this time the waffles should be done. Then grab a butter knife and apply the peanut butter on the waffle. To conclude, place the banana slices on your waffles. Finally, enjoy!

Tune in next Thursday for another edition of Healthy Recipes for Students on the Go!