Carrying around books all day can be annoying, and even more annoying when the desired page can’t be found! Follow these steps to make a really inventive bookmark that can be used with all types of books.

Supplies needed:

-regular printer paper

-decorative paper, scrap paper,or card stock


-ruler, or paper cutter


-clear tape


-any extra supplies wanted


First, the pattern needs to be cut. Draw three 2.5 inch boxes in the corner of a piece of printer paper.Use of a ruler in this step helps ensure straight lines and correct measurements. Next, on the box farthest to the right, draw a diagonal line going from the top corner of the first box, down to the bottom of that same box. Repeat this with the box directly opposite of it, the box furthest on the left. Only the middle box should be clear of lines. On the two outer boxes, color in the triangle that has just been drawn, the one that points off the paper Do this to both boxes.

 This next step involves scissors. Cut out the triangles that were just colored in. This leaves a good pattern to use to trace on the good paper. Once the patterns are on the good paper, cut that paper out.

 Now, there should be something that looks like an arrow with two triangle tails. Fold one of the tails up to the box, try and have it match up the box. Do not fold so far that it goes into the other triangle. Glue the part that faces up when it is folded. Fold the other triangle onto the gluey side of the triangle that was just laid.

 Wait a day or two before using this in any books, this ensures that the book won’t be ruined by glue. This project can be confusing, if so, try this link to help out: If desired, other supplies could be used for this project, such as glitter, or paint. If this is used be sure that it won’t get into the book, and ruin the pages. There are also other designs out there that show how this is possible with making them look like monsters!