The DIY for this week has less steps than most, but might be harder to carry out. These pencils are fun and supply little messages when the mood goes down hill. The ones as seen below have little messages such as: ‘do your best;’ ‘work hard play hard;’ and ‘use your words.’ Using this idea can lighten up any mood!


Supplies needed:

-Spray Paint


-Engraver, or tape and a sharp object, or small stencils

 A way that is most used for this project is to use small, metal stamps, engravers, but many people don’t have these lying around. They only come in cases that include all the letters in the alphabet, and these are pretty pricey. So, for the DIY kids who don’t have crazy supplies lying around their house, there are two other options.

 The first is to use tape, and a sharp object. The desired design is drawn on the tape. Then, place on the pencil. The knife is then used to cut pieces of wood out of the pencil, leaving the design left on the pencil. This may or may not work, depending on what kind of pencil, what kind of tape, what kind of knife, ect.

 The easiest way to achieve the look of this project is to get small stencils. Most people probably don’t have these either,but they shouldn’t cost that much at a local craft store.

 Once the desired method is chosen, get the supplies, and get ready to start! When the supplies needed are all together, this is really easy. If using the engraving method, or tape method the pencil is spray painted before the engraving happens. If using the stencil way, well, the spray paint comes with the letters, all at the same time.

This is an interesting project, but it could bring up test scores, or even just bring a smile to the face of someone who isn’t having that great a day.