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This weeks product is: Urban Decay’s Naked Basics 2

The Naked series from Urban Decay never lets anyone down. Naked Basics 2 sure lives up to the previous products in the Naked series. This palette has all brand new shadows. It has the same amount of shadows as Naked Basics. The colors are called (insert colors). It ranges from light to dark matte colors. Anyone can use this palette, no matter skin tone.

The packaging it comes in is very simple. It is the traditional brown and on the back is a preview of the colors. The palette itself is also simple. It is the same brown with Naked Basics 2 written on the top. When opened it has a mirror on the inside of the lid. It is very small, so it is great for traveling. If a long day was coming up, by the end of the day the eyeshadow may need a touch up. The palette would fit perfectly in any bag or purse. The downfall is it is not included with a brush. It would have been nice to have a mini brush that would fit inside such as the Naked 1, 2, or 3.

Naked Basics 2 is sure to impress anyone. It works with any skin tones and any eye color. The price is what kills. For this small palette it is $29. Yes, it is much cheaper than Naked 1, 2, and 3 but it is still expensive for six eyeshadows. It is pricey, but in the end it is totally worth the purchase.