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This week’s product is not a product. It is the common egg and lemon facial.

Applying egg to skin is very scary. It is not as bad as it seems. This facial is used to clear and smooth skin. You simply need to use these ingredients:

1 fresh egg
½ of a lemon

The steps are:

-Use only the egg white and put into mixing bowl
-Squeeze half of the lemon into the same mixing bowl, making sure to leave out seeds
-Whisk both together until it forms a foam.
– Apply to face avoiding eyes

Leave the mask on until it is dry. It does not take very long for this facial to dry.

After using the facial, skin feels much more clean. The lemon does a great job at cleaning pores and the egg smooths the skin. The absolute best part is that is made from natural ingredients found in almost anyone’s refrigerator. It possibly is also the cheapest facial out there. It takes no longer than three minutes to make.