Updates needed for Sweetheart’s Dance

Updates needed for Sweethearts Dance

Sweetheart- a person with whom someone is having a romantic relationship.

If someone were to type the word ‘sweetheart’ to a search engine, this is the definition he or she would find. Having a dance with this label makes many students feel as if attendance with a date is required.  Labeling this dance for “sweetheart’s” seems silly.

This dance comes with all the drama. Who’s going with who, what kind of dress,what hairstyle, how much makeup, etc. Yes, this is mostly the crappy girl drama that no one wants, but it is still there. No one can get rid of it, and this dance just makes all the drama spike. This has nothing to do with a full moon, on contrary to what most people think.

The social makes sense. It’s the last big thing for ninth graders to get together and celebrate the last days in junior high. This is a dance in which everyone attends, no dates are necessary, there’s no big deal. Everyone does what they want.

Many think the sweetheart dance should be either changed, or done away with altogether. The student committee could change this into a simple ‘winter dance,’ ‘snowflake dance,’ anything other than what it is now. No dance at all would suffice too. Why not come up with some other type of activity that brings the ninth grade class together to bond.

The social would be fine as the only dance of the school year. Many people have parties, almost like the dances they have at the school. The kids have enough time to hang out with friends on their off time. The social is greatly supported, unlike the sweethearts dance. Only half of the ninth grade population attended this dance.