Ever wanted a cool nail design, but aren’t good enough to make something look nice? Follow these easy steps for an easy, cool design!

 Supplies needed:

-makeup sponge

-two different colors of nail polish

-tooth pick

Start this project off by painting the nails with the lighter of the two colors. These can be any colors desired. They can be two colors close to the same shade, or two contrasting colors for an edgy look.

After the nails are painted grab an extra piece of paper, or on a counter top, place a generous amount of both the colors side by side, the colors should be touching at the edge. Use the toothpick and slightly pull the colors together in just the middle. Make circles, having the two colors merging.

Once this is done, take the makeup sponge and dab directly down on the polish a couple times so the sponge absorbs enough of the nail polish.

The next step is to dab the sponge on a nail, move the sponge up and down the nail a little bit to help the overall look. Repeat this step as many times as necessary to ensure the look wanted is achieved.

The final look is something very easy that looks like a lot of time was spent on it! This is something very cool for those who don’t work with painting their nails that much, but want a nice look.