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This week’s product is: Big Blue Bath Bomb by Lush

Bath bombs are the big hype right now. Lush has tons of bath bombs, and it is so hard to just pick one. Big Blue creates the ocean right in your bath tub. It smells so good and even has seaweed.

The bath bomb makes your bath water completely blue. It doesn’t stain your bath tub at all so clean up is not too bad. The only bad clean up is the seaweed. The seaweed can’t go down the drain so when you finish and the tub drains, you must pick it all back out.

There is an extreme amount of seaweed. Yes, it does look cool while you are sitting in the tub, but is so difficult to get out. It is bad for it to go down the drain so you have to fish it all out. It would be best to try another bath bomb.

The Big Blue has sea-salt along with the seaweed. It also contains lemon and lavender oils for its scent. The sea salt gets rid of toxins from your skin and the seaweed smooths it.

The price wasn’t too bad. It was about $7. We do not have a Lush in Altoona, so if you wish to purchase this go to