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photo credit: Flickr.com Photo by: Yuhbot

I love the movie Twister because I would love to chase a tornado sometime in my life. I googled “can you chase a tornado?” and believed it or not you can. How cool would that be! You can join a storm chaser team and have your own personal guide. Chasing down tornadoes

photo credit: Flickr.com
Photo by: Yuhbot

with the one and only Warren Faidley could be an unforgettable experience.

Warren is a 20 year veteran chasing some of the planet’s most exciting  weather. He is a best selling author, award winning photographer and a foremost severe weather survival expert. He is one of the few individuals who has experienced both an F5 tornado and a category five hurricane. Warren is not like one of the dangerous almost get yourself killed kind of chasers. He is a responsible experienced chaser. Check out his biography. http://www.warrenfaidley.com/ For more information.

You can easily pay to sit in a van with a bunch of strangers fighting over who gets to sit by the window, or plan your adventure with Warren. You will be a voluntour of his storm chasing team not just a tourist. You can get as involved as much as you would like or just sit back and enjoy the scenery while asking Warren questions.

The tornado season will be beginning in late April and run through mid-June. Some dates are reserved well in advance, so  reserve your date soon so you can see the action in your the most popular weeks. http://www.stormchaser.com/chaseadventure.html