Healthy Recipes for Students on the Go!

Start off any morning with something delicious! Smoothies provide humans with essential vitamins and nutrients that are needed daily. Not only are smoothies healthy, but they help support a healthy immune system. Using water or low-fat dairy products as a base provides vitamin D and fewer calories. For more information, use My favorite type of smoothie is my own version of a Strawberry and Banana Smoothie. This recipe will make just one serving, but use more if necessary.

Ingredients: (This is what I use, but feel free to change to the students liking.)

*5 Sliced Strawberries (I slice each into four small pieces for easier blending)
*1 Medium Banana (Cut in half.)
*1 Cup of Plain Low-fat Yogurt
*About 1 cups of Almond Milk (Use common knowledge)
*5-7 Ice cubs


Place all ingredients above into a blender. Blend until evenly distributed. Place the smoothie in a cup. Enjoy!