This weeks DIY is a money saving idea. These bracelets are worth $60 a piece at any retail store. Follow these steps to save money and be in fashion!

Supplies needed:

-old shirt than can be cut up

-1 yard of Nylon rattail cord(if wanted)

-hot glue gun/glue


This process starts off by cutting three strips from the shirt. They should be around a foot height wise and about an inch wide. Once there are three separate strands, put a rubber band around the top of all three, this keeps them together through the braiding process. If desired, this is where the cord can be added, three strands of 12 inch long cord. Add this to the rubber band and grab a heavy object, something like a book. Also, plug in the hot glue gun at this time.

Now, the braided portion starts. Grab the book and place it over the rubber banded portion. Take a cord with a strip of material, and start braiding. Keep going till there is nothing left to braid. Take the glue gun and glue the pieces at the end of the braid together. Take each side of the braid and glue them together. Cut an extra piece of the shirt and hot glue that over the portion of binding the braids together.

The project is now over, and the money saved was worth the effort.