Paws and Claws; Everything about pets


Panda is watching tv. Photo taken by Jonah Noel.

Even though cats are a common household pet, each one is unique in its own way. Some cats play fetch and some cats can climb walls. What about a cat who does human things? Jonah Noel’s cat, Panda, does things that you wouldn’t expect a cat to do.

“Panda likes to watch TV,” Noel said.

Panda also has a very interesting diet.

“She likes to eat ice cream, crackers and drink tea,” Noel said.

Panda was adopted by Noel two years ago.

“She is an indoor-outdoor cat,” Noel said.

Cats can be high maintenance sometimes.

“She runs around during the night, and when she wants to play we get out a laser,” Noel said.

Cats and dogs are questionable when it comes to getting along with one another.

“Sometimes Panda gets along with the dog and sometimes she doesn’t,” Noel said.

Cats are all different when it comes to tolerating people.

“She enjoys being around people, but she likes to bite,” Noel said.

Cats are a very popular pet, and great for most homes.

Panda is watching tv. Photo by Jonah Noel.