Paws and Claws; Everything about pets


This is Martino’s Saint Bernard, Thor, posing for the camera.

This week’s pet is a famous breed of dog. His name is Thor, and he is a Saint Bernard. His owner is seventh grader Thomas Martino. Like any Saint Bernard, Thor enjoys the snow.

“One time, Thor was outside running in the snow. He ended up tripping and then he fell off the porch,” Martino said.

As much as it happens in homes, dogs shouldn’t be fed table scraps. The Saint Bernard shouldn’t ever be given bones from chicken or fish. They have extra sharp teeth, and they can easily chew up the bones. Then the fragments get caught in their stomach and then cause digestive issues.

“He eats dog food,” Martino said.

When around people and other animals at an early age, the dog will get used to them.

“We have another dog and a cat. The dogs don’t get along with the cat,” Martino said.

Owners should take their Saint Bernards for a walk a day. Make sure you can handle him though, they are big and powerful.

“He doesn’t really do any tricks,” Martino said.

The dogs live for about eight to ten years.

“We’ve had him since April of 2012,” Martino said.

Overall, a Saint Bernard is a great pet to have as long as you are responsible and give it a healthy happy life like Thor.

This is Martino’s Saint Bernard, Thor, posing for the camera. Photo by Thomas Martino