Superstar Student

GFDL [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

GFDL [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

This week’s Star Student

As the snow is falling and weather is getting colder, students are slacking more and more. Ninth grader Hunter Musser is still studying and studying even though others are not. As Star Student this week Hunter definitely proves himself.

“I feel pretty famous and inspirational like I can walk on the red carpet. Not many people get to be star student so it’s cool,” Musser said.

When you ask many kids about school they complain or rant, but Musser is unlike those people. Looking on the positive side of things, Musser is a very likeable person with many friends.

“Friends are what get me through the day. I mean school has its downsides, but friends help with that,” Musser said.

Being in ninth grade there are many electives students choose to take. Even if they’re not in ninth grade there are still classes students like more than others.

“I like art class a lot, it’s a good class to be creative in and show that side of you so it’s cool to take it,” Musser said.

Having that favorite teacher to help school go smoother is always a thing students have besides that favorite class.

“Mr. Kincaid is a very helpful teacher, and he is probably one of my favorite if not my favorite teachers,” Musser said.

Give a good shout out to Hunter if you see him through the halls or outside of school for getting to be named this week’s star student.