Superstar Student

This week’s Superstar Student

Every student has that superstar quality that makes them stand out through the school. Each week this blog will shine the spotlight on a student who shows true character inside and out.

With the weather acting unusual and annoying it may seem like some students are too. As you know there is always that one student each week that still shines and works hard. This week’s superstar student is ninth grader Taylor Melton.

“ I don’t really know how to feel because I didn’t even know about this so being it is cool because now I know,” Melton said.

Barely getting snow this winter and it just being cold, most students are more tired and lazy than usual. Melton is still working hard and coming to school everyday.

“ Yeah school; it’s the best or most entertaining thing to do. I would much rather be sleeping, but it’s a thing you got to do so you just do it,” Melton said.

Being that ninth grade is the last year in the junior high and it’s the hardest year here, ninth graders face a lot of stress throughout the year.

“Oh man, ninth grade is a really hard year and stuff when you have to do all the homework and lifting, but I get through it with a lot of effort though,” Melton said.

Since  in the third marking period it’s dawning more and more on the ninth grade students about the future and the emotions of leaving the school.

“I’m not really that worried because I’m still going to have my friends and everything, but yeah it’s gonna be different over at the high school, but it’s one step closer to driving is what I say,” Melton said.

I asked Melton a question most people think about which is what do you like and dislike most about school?

“I like friends and classes like art and drama, but I don’t like the work or homework we do, and I don’t think anyone does,” Melton said.

If you see Taylor in the hallways make sure to congratulate him on being this week’s star student! Check back to see who next week’s star student is going to be.