NASCAR in a flash: Daytona 500


Jimmie Johnson racing for the win

The Daytona 500 was an amazing race to watch because history was made by Danica Patrick, the first girl to lead the boys to the green flag. She also was the first girl to lead a lap under a green flag in the series. Also she got the best finish in any race in the series by a girl eighth place. There were also a couple wrecks in the race also.

First this is only Patrick’s rookie season as a driver. She is the first girl to get the pole position in any Sprint Cup Series race. Also on lap 91 she was the first girl to lead a lap under a green flag. She also received the best finishing position by a girl which is eighth place. So I would say that she has great potential for the rest of the season and that she had a very successful weekend.

Also there was a few crashes in the race. Like on lap 33 when Kasey Kahne spon out involving Tony Stewart, Kevin Harvick, Juan Pablo Montoya, Brad Keselowski and Jamie Mcmurray. Also there was a crash with 53 laps to go in the race. There was also a final lap crash and the officials just let the drivers race because all of the drivers involved were in the back of the pack so they were not harming the rest of the race.

The next race is at Phoenix on Fox on Sunday at 3 p.m.

Jimmie Johnson going for the win. Photo courtesy of hushypushy.