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  • February 20Lunch- Parmesan Popcorn Chicken with a Breadstick and Cheesy Broccoli with a choice of Fruit and Milk!
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Video Game 101: Video game reviews, raffles, and stories

Photo courtesy of iskander71

Counter Strike Source is a first person shooter type game.  This game is only multiplayer and has multiple different game types.  There are game types such as Team Death match  Search and Destroy and Gun-game.  Each game type is really fun and there are many more.

To start, there is a game mode call Team Death match   The players starts by choosing a team.  There is Terrorists or Counter-Terrorists, each have different weapons.  For example, Terrorists best pistol are called dual elites,  while Counter-Terrorists have the five seven.  There are a lot of different weapons to choose from on each side, the player will have to try each to see what he/she likes most.  In this game mode the player must kill the opponents and score the most points first.  There is a respawn in this game mode and once the player dies, he/she will go back to spawn and go out to try to get more kills.

Next, there is a game mode called Search and Destroy.  When the player joins the game, he/she must join a team Terrorists or Counter-Terrorists.  In this game mode the player chooses their team not based on the weapons, but whether or not he/she wants to destroy the bomb site or try to defend it.  Terrorists have a bomb that someone randomly spawns with.  The point of this game mode for the Terrorists is for them to plant the bomb on the bomb site.  Usually Terrorists will be confronted by Counter-Terrorists while trying to plant the bomb.  The Counter-Terrorists will try to kill the Terrorists and defend the bomb sites.  When or if the bomb successfully is planted the Counter-Terrorists must try to defuse the bomb.  It is always smart for the player to buy a defuse kit because sometimes when the player attempts to defuse the bomb it can go off during the defuse.  This can happen only if the player does not have this defuse kit on occasion.  Watch out though in this game mode the player has only one life

Last, there is a game mode called Gun Game.  This game mode is very different from the rest.  In this game the player chooses a team.  The teams are exactly the same so it does not matter which team the player chooses.  When the player enters the game, he/she is given a weapon.  The player must get a kill with this weapon to move on to the next weapon.  The player must successfully go through all the weapons to win.  There are ways for the player to set back other players and ways they can set back the player.  The player is also given a knife with every weapon.  He/She can kill an opponent with the knife to instead of moving them forward it sets them back a weapon.  In this game depending on the server the player plays on it can have a respawn and it might not.

In conclusion,  I rate this game with a 3 out of 5 stars.  This game would have had a better star rating if there was a campaign for the player to play.  If the player is looking for a really fun online game this is it, for about twenty dollars this game is worth the money.

Photo courtesy of iskander71
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