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David Rudy

This week’s topic: Elder Sign

Imagine playing as a detective or a tough gangster tracking down and collecting the Elder Signs to stop the world from destruction. In Elder signs, up to eight players take on the roles of investigators in a museum fighting monsters and collecting the Elder Signs to stop a world ending monster from emerging.

How to play

Players start out by choosing who they want to play as. Each character has a special ability and different health and sanity stats. Characters also can start out with clues, weapons and spells. Clues are used for rerolls and certain weapons can influence die rolls by adding an extra red or yellow die. Some weapons or dice can even change what a die reads by sacrificing the weapon card. Players start out in the museum and work their way through different events and areas. Players can choose which task card they start off on, but they can not leave that card until they finish its requirements.

To fulfill these requirements players must roll green dice, or add an extra red or yellow dice. After completing a certain requirement, players can focus one of the die they did not use for the next part of the event or area. When a player completes a task card they are rewarded the items the card shows After each event is completed, the clock goes past 3 hours; after 12 hours have past an event occurs. An event card can spawn a monster on a task card, players can lose sanity or health or nothing can happen. When a monster spawns on a task card players on that task have to fulfill the dice roll for the monster and the task card. For the instruction manual check the link here:

Where to buy 

Elder Sign can be found at most local game stores like Snake Eyes Gaming or at big Retail stores like Walmart or Target. Elder Sign can also be found online like on Fantasy flight’s website or on Amazon. Here’s the link to Fantasy Flight games website where other tabletop games can be found.