Stranger Things in 1980’s

The Flea and the Acrobat

Episode five of Stranger Things is mainly about the boys and Eleven attempting to find the portal to the Upside Down and Hopper finding out the secret with Hawkins Lab.

Since Hopper just broke into the Hawkins Lab, he tries to find what secrets Dr. Brenner is hiding. He ends up finding the portal to the Upside Down but gets caught! The scientists drug him, and he is returned to his house.

After hearing Will, Mike is putting clues together and thinks Will is in the Hawkins but in a different dimension like The Vale Of Shadows, which is a dark reflection that echos the world. They ask Eleven if she knows how to get there, and she says she doesn’t know but she does. She doesn’t want to tell them because she is afraid they will get hurt. Aww, how sweet is Eleven.

Since Jonathan now believes Joyce, he and Nancy make a plan to kill the monster when they are at Will’s funeral. Afterwards, the boys go to Mr. Clark who is their science teacher and ask him random questions about how to travel to a different dimension theoretically. Mr. Clark tells them the “Flea and the Acrobat” theory. To get to the Upside Down you need to get a massive amount of energy in time in space to make a doorway which is already made in Hawkins Lab!

The boys show Eleven the theory and ask again if she knows where it is because she knows about the Upside Down. Dustin finds something funny about all the compasses facing the wrong way. Meaning, the compasses’ needle will take them to the portal because of the magnetic field! Wow, Dustin is so smart. Eleven starts to panic, knowing they may find the entrance. They all decide to go looking for the gate. They follow the compass north for so long and Lucas thinks Eleven is using her powers to sabotage the mission. He is correct. Mike and Lucas get in a fight and Eleven ends up running away. I was so sad when she ran away because I didn’t know if she would come back.

Hopper goes over to Joyce’s house and tells her everything about Will’s fake body and Hawkins Lab. Joyce is so happy that Will is still alive but he is in grave danger. I feel so sorry for Joyce. She has to go through so much just to find and save her kid.

When Jonathan and Nancy go hunting in the woods for the Demogorgan, they find a dying deer with a wound and all of a sudden, it disappears! They follow the trail of blood and end up losing each other. Nancy finds a mysterious, freaky, nasty hole in a tree which is a secret portal! Then she decides to go through it!? What was she thinking! She ends up finding the Demogorgan feeding on the deer! Then the Demogorgan hears her and chases her through the Upside Down. Jonathan hears her scream while the portal is closing…