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The player can literary build anything photo courtesy of infinitesnipes

A world made of blocks- do not be scared of the world of minecraft.  Different blocks such as grass, wood and ores are all in this wonderful world.  There are multiple passive creatures such as pigs, chickens and cows, but there are also more aggressive creatures like zombies and skeletons.  Let the fun begin!

This game is based around blocks.  The whole game is squares, clouds, trees, grass, stone- even the animals are all blocks.  This game is all about surviving and prospering.  The player randomly spawns in this strange new world and surviving begins.  Right away the player should collect wood and craft different items like a crafting table.  The different things the player can craft is amazing.  There is so much the player can do and make.  Before the player makes anything extravagant, he/she needs to make a home and have some way of getting food.  The character or “Steve” has a hunger bar and a health bar.  If his hunger bar runs too low he will start to starve!  It is very embarrassing when playing and suddenly the player starts taking damage from something the player can not see and then realizing, “Oh I’m starving,” and just go on with the game.  After the player has a good bases, that is when the fun begins.

When the player thinks they are ready he or she can go and collect the necessary ingredients. Then the player can make TNT.  TNT is a very fun way to clear a large amount of area with a little gunpowder that the player can get from a creature called a creeper.  Recently there was an update to make TNT carts.  It is possible because of this new update to make a huge nuke just with two TNT carts.

The player can literary build anything
photo courtesy of infinitesnipes

I enjoy this game a lot and think that everyone should have or at least play this game.  It is on the PC and Xbox 360.  This game is very fun and worth 30$.  It has a multiplayer so anyone can play with their friends or random people around the world.