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David Rudy Jr

This Week’s Topic: Yahtzee

Who knew just rolling dice could be so much fun. Yahtzee is a game where players roll dice to make combinations of dice to score points.


About the game

Yahtzee unlike other games uses dice for its main source of game play and many of its rules are pulled from card games like Texas hold’em and poker. As players will roll dice to match up dice for certain combinations to score points.

How to play: Setup

Make sure there are five six sided dice and that each player has a score sheet. Then, each player will roll a dice and whichever player rolls the highest goes first.

How to play: Mid game

To start a turn the player rolls the dice, then they decide which dice they want to keep. Whichever dice are kept are not rolled ever again and are kept for matching the other dice. The player  will roll two more times to try to get a combination of dice they like. For these combinations check: link

In the entire game players can only use one combination once except when you get a Yahtzee which is when one number is on all the dice. Yahtzee can be used up to five times a game. To score a four, three and two of a kind you add up the total value of the dice. To score the different combinations check the previous link.

My thoughts:

Yahtzee is a great family game and also a great game to play with friends. The simple nature of the game makes it easily playable for everyone. While the game is solely based on the luck of dice rolls there is some strategy in the game since you can only choose each combination once. Yahtzee is one of those games where you can not stop until you win.