Keeping up with the trends

This weeks look inspired by Lili Reinhart from RIverdale!


Jocelyn Fetter, Opinion editor

Trends are hard to keep up with, especially because in our world, they’re always changing. If you want to be able to keep up with them all, I’m here to help you. Welcome to the AAJHS version of Vogue, and the Walmart version of  beauty “guru. 

This week’s look was brought up to me by my friend Joleyna, who reads my blog and wanted a look inspired by a Riverdale cast member that plays Betty. This actress’s name is Lili Reinhart. Lily has a very preppy girl kind of style on the show, so I wanted to incorporate that into her look for this week’s blog.

I chose this photo for a few reasons.

  1. Her dress has sunflowers all over it, and it gives the vibe of summer and spring. Spring is almost here, and we’re almost done with winter.
  2. It helps guide the preppy girl vibe I was going for this week
  3. It has the most tumblr background in the picture that I chose, which is Pop’s shakes restaurant where the cast often hangs out.

I am as usual, going to start this look out with the hair.

In the picture, Lili’s hair really isn’t styled to a specific point we can see, so we can just take a wild guess. Start by adding heat protectant to your hair and straightening it the entire way through. Once straight, run your hands through your head and ‘shake’ it out to give it texture. Then, part your hair to one side and play with it to make it more messy.

Step 2; makeup.

This makeup look is more subtle and doesn’t have a lot of drastic colors and shades. Start with your normal face routine and foundation. Then, using lighter pink and peachy shades, cover your eyelids with those colors making sure to blend. Next, choose a light blush and apply that to the apples of your cheeks. Then add a light pink gloss to your lips, and you’re done!

Step 3; Outfit.

This dress would have been the ‘piece to have’ last summer, because the style color of last summer was yellow and flowers were everywhere and all over everything. I found a dress extremely similar to the exact one that lili was wearing, and it’s perfect. This dress would look super cute alone, or with a white cardigan.


In the picture, they don’t show her shoes, but any black colored shoe or brown would look amazing with this dress. There are so many colors in this dress that you can be very flexible with shoes.

That’s all for this week, leave a comment and suggest someone you would like me to cover next week, and let me know if you like these blogs.