Strangest Things


Season two, episode four of Stranger Things was short, but it was also pretty good.

Riley Steinbugl, Reporter

On this blog, I will be talking about an episode of the Netflix series, Stranger Things, each week, including things such as, what I think will happen, as well as my thoughts on the characters and the events that happened. 

Welcome back to Stranger Things! This week, we will be talking about season two, episode three of Stranger Things. This episode was kind of short, but it also opened up a lot of new discoveries. This episode wasn’t my favorite, but it was still okay.

At the beginning of the episode, Dustin is coming home from Mike’s house. He rode his bike the whole way home too. When he pulls his bike up to his porch, he hears a strange noise in his trash can. At first, I didn’t think anything of it. Dustin also thought it was the wind. He is putting his bike into the garage, when he hears the noise again. He decides to investigate. It was like a raccoon in the trash or something. Dustin opens up the trash can and sees a lizard-like creature. It was kind of gross to be honest. He then picks it up and it shows affection towards him which was kind of cute. After Dustin goes inside, he puts the lizard into a cage to keep him safe. This was a smart idea.

The next day, Bob, Joyce’s boyfriend offers to drive Will to school. Will accepts the offer, and they get into the car. It was really nice of Bob to drive Will to school. While they are in the car, Bob talks to Will about his post PTSD. He says that Will should try and face his fears. This was kind of a smart idea, but Will might be too scared. Will thinks it is a good idea too.

Meanwhile, Eleven is still in the cabin in the woods, and she is bored out of her mind. If I had to stay in a cabin for a long time, I’d be super bored too. She really wants to go outside and try and find Mike, but Hopper tells her that she is not allowed.

After Hopper leaves for work, Eleven decides to do something bold. She leaves the cabin. I was kind of worried for her because she could get caught. She decides to go to the school to look for Mike was super cute. She sees Mike and Max fooling around, and she gets super jealous. It was kind funny how she got so jealous of Max. Eleven then gets upset and decides to go back to the cabin. It was sad that she didn’t get to talk to Mike though.

At the end of the episode, Will has another flashback. He decides to take Bob’s advice and stand up to the monster. I was proud of Will when he decided to do this, but then the monster starts to attack him, and it possesses him. This part was super scary, and I felt really bad for Will.

After he comes out of the flashback, he is so upset and runs home.

That’s all for season two, episode three of Stranger Things. I liked this episode, but it was not my favorite. It did open up a lot of new ideas and discoveries though. Tune in next week to hear about season two, episode four of Stranger Things!