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photo courtesy of Alex Fundora

Do you like dinosaurs?  How about bows, traps and hunting.  If so this game is the best.  It is just a prototype and not out to the public, but the game is being green lighted to go on steam.

photo courtesy of Alex Fundora

This game’s goal is survival; the player must hunt and kill dinosaurs, but only certain dinosaurs are able to be killed by a bow and arrow.  Watch out there are larger carnivores that will kill the player easily.  Once the player has killed a dinosaur, he or she must hurry up and collect the meat before the carnivores such as a T-rexs make it to the dead body or the player will lose it.  The player can craft traps and things that can hurt the carnivores to keep them away from the dead body.  This game also has a multiplayer where the player can make a village with other online characters and store their food.  Watch out or the opposing villages can raid the village and still all the players food.

This game is amazing and sadly there is no way to play it yet, but it will soon be out for release on Steam, and I can not wait to buy and play this game.