How do you feel about the TikTok famous gym teachers?


Cheyanne Zeth

“Well, personally I think it’s inspiring people to change their behaviors. Ever since their account got famous, students’ behaviors have changed positively,” said eighth grader Olivia Gallaher.

Eighth grader Liam Diehl said, “They can be a bit annoying, but it’s fun for the kids who enjoy that type of stuff. Personally, I don’t like them too much, but it can get some people happy. So good for them.” (Photographed by Melissa Krainer)



Seventh grader Ashlyn Noce said, “They are cool; they inspire me to do the school challenges.” (Photographed by Miley Naugle)



“I think it’s really cool that they are like representing the school and stuff like that. I think it’s really cool that they are doing that,” said eighth grader Riley Canterbury. (Photographed by Madison Aboud)



“I think they are really good gym teachers and are talented dancers on TikTok. They help kids feel safe and welcomed,” said Anna-Grace Scalice. “We are lucky to have Jill Helsel posts her TikTok dances and daily life updates.” (Photographed by Sofia Hallinan)




Eighth grader Hannah Stevens said, “I think they are awesome and really sweet because they decided to make the TikTok challenge, and they made the school fun and more interesting!” (Photographed by Isabella Mccarthy)