Are you attending the Fire and Ice Dance? What are you looking forward to at the dance?


Grace Stadtmiller

Eighth grader Adilee Scott said, “Yes, I am exited to see my friends.”



Avarie Shawley said, “Yes I am. I probably have to say going and hanging out with my friends in general because at school we don’t really have much time to just hang out, so I think it will be fun.”(photographed by Madison Aboud)



Eighth grader Lilly Megahan said, “I’m most looking forward to the food and getting to dress up all pretty.”(photographed by Melissa Krainer)
Emma McCaulley said, “Yes, I look forward to seeing my friends and dancing with them and the snacks. Also, I want to see my friends’ dresses.”(photographed by Izabella Mccarthy)
“I am attending the dance, and I’m excited for the food and to hang with my friends,” said eighth grader Codey Burns.(photographed by Taniyah Hicks)
“I plan on going to the dance, and I’m mostly looking for a nice night with my friends just having fun and not having to worry about school work that causes stress,” said Akira Kenawell. “It’ll be fun to just get out with friends and have a nice time.”(Photographed by Sofia Hallinan)


Eighth grader Serenity Hogans said, “Yes. Hanging out with friends because God knows I don’t have a date.”(photographed by Miley Naugle)