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This week’s blog is about the Arizona Cardinals. The Cardinals were chosen because of their last win against the Tennessee Titans. They won 37-34 in overtime.

The Cardinals are in the NFC West division and are currently in third place in their division. They have a .643 percentage with a record of 9-5. The record for home games is 6-1 and the record for away games is 3-4. Their record for games in their division is 1-3 and in their rank for conference games is 5-5.

The Cardinals are ranked fourteenth in average passing yards per game with 245.4 yards. They are ranked twenty fifth in average passing yards per game with 94.1 yards.

Their ranking for average allowed passing yards per game is seventeenth with 239.1 yards. However, the Cardinals are highly ranked at first for allowing an average of only 83.2 rushing yards per game.

They have 322 passing completions on 500 attempts. In the completions, they have passed for 3,435 yards in all. They have rushed for 1,318 on 357 carries in all.

Their opponents have attempted to pass 564 times but have only completed 335 passes. They have allowed 1,165 rushing yards on 327 carries.