Drama Queens


9th grader Autumn Emnigh-bellon cheers on. The white swag shows breast cancer support .

Weekly post with information on the girls of drama.

This week’s Drama Queen of the week is Brooke Barnhart. She does many activities through the school and has a busy schedule.

For the school she does drama club, chorus, vocal ensemble, cheerleading and national honors society.  For drama in her seventh grade year she participated in The Seussical and played a Who.  She also helps occasionally to make props and do makeup.  With her schedule this year she was unable to be associated with the spring production of Peter Pan.

“I believe everyone should be involved with drama club, it really helps you break out of your shell and become the person you want to be.  Drama Club has helped me realize that I should be myself no matter what anybody else says, ” Brooke said.

She finds her strengths in drama is being able to easily get into her character, but can finds it harder to do improvisation at times.  Brooke still enjoys the challenge and doing improv activities is her most favorite thing to do in the class.

Brooke’s favorite actress is Jennifer Lawrence because she is not only an amazing actress on camera but can relate to people who aren’t famous.  She hasn’t let the media tell her what to do an change based on their beliefs of what she should be. All together she is a happy person.

“ She is an amazing role model for any aspiring actress,” Brooke said.

Her favorite play is the musical, The Sound of Music, written originally by Oscar Hammerstein ll.  This is her favorite because it is a fun musical that is full of romance and friendship.