Lack of internet causes homework difficulty


Great minds think a like! This group of four kids Nathan Lawhead, Lizzy Pearlman, William Ajay and Taylor Massey are all working hard to complete their dragon genetics project. The final step was to make the baby dragon from the traits they gathered. Photo by Jacob Hord

A lot of assignments that teachers assign require internet access to complete. Teachers should not assign homework that needs to be completed using internet. Some students do not have internet access at home.

While the school does allow students to use the computer lab a half hour before school and for an hour after school, complications with transportation may occur. Kids who ride buses have no chance of getting any time in the computer lab. Buses normally arrive around 7:20 but that only gives students around 10 minutes to complete an assignment. This is not nearly enough. The computer lab is also open for an hour after school, but for kids who ride the bus have difficulty getting rides home. Often kids do not have transportation aside from the bus, so there would be no way for kids to get home from the computer lab after school.

Some websites might not be available. Sometimes students have a computer or internet connection that does not allow them to get on to certain websites that at school they would normally be allowed to use. Some of the websites that students are assigned to use can cause computers to crash. Websites like require students to download the system in order to log into their account. On older dated computers  it is very uncommon that people are able to download new software.

Teachers should try to stick to book work or worksheets instead of work that needs a computer to complete. A lot of students do not have access to a computer or cannot attend any after/before school computer cafes due to bus transportation.Stack of books