Pets Gone Wild

Photo by: Marina Misitano

Photo by: Marina Misitano

Highlights a student’s pet every week

 For this week’s Pets Gone Wild pet it is Darla the cat.  Darla belongs to ninth grader Marina Misitano.  Darla is one year and three months old.  She weighs 12 pounds and is seven inches tall.


Photo by: Marina Misitano

Since Darla is a cat she bathes herself.

 “Even though she can bathe herself, I found her in the shower once and in the sink once,” Misitano said.

 If a person gets a cat and trains them to use their litter box, don’t let them go outside.

“Darla gets on the roof sometimes,” Misitano said.

Cats make good pets in general. They are easy to take care of, they are smart, and they like to cuddle.

“She likes to cuddle and sleep with me,” Misitano said.

Make sure that if a person gets a cat that they keep an eye on them.  Cats can be playful and can cause some trouble.

“She eats my food when I leave for a minute, and she wakes me up at night,” Misitano said.

Cats, like dogs, lie down on anything to try to get comfortable.

“She lays on anything…mostly things she doesn’t fit on,” Misitano said.