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Now, for the man the NBA can’t stop talking about, Dwight Howard. After joining the Los Angeles Lakers, Howard has been expected to perform great feats, like his mentor, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. It’s to bad those feats haven’t come yet. photo courtesy of Keith Allison and
The New "Superman"
After Dwight Howard’s injury with Orlando (seen above), he was drafted to the Los Angeles Lakers, with lots of potential ready to shine. But, now that he has joined, Howard is not what everyone expected and will, hopefully, soon improve.
Photo courtesy of Keith Allison and

And now, for the team in discussion with almost every basketball fanatic on the west coast, in the country, and even around the world, the Los Angeles Lakers. Now, let’s all be honest, the world has been waiting for a long time to see what Dwight Howard was going to do in the field of team selection. But, now that he’s with the Lakers, he’s not doing as well as everybody thought he was goinThe New "Superman"- Dwight Howardg to.

Starting with one of the most obvious examples of all, Howard has not only stolen the nickname of Shaquille O’Neal (“Superman”), but he has stolen the free shot skill. He has reached a 43% free throw percentage. What has our world, our country, the NBA, and Dwight Howard come to.

Next, not to hate on Dwight, but doesn’t it seem a bit strange that Howard had the injury just at the convenient time to exit Orlando. Well, who would blame him, he was the whole team. But, still, the only word that can be said is “really?”.

Finally, is this reporter the only person who saw how that game on Sunday, Dec. 2, 2012 turned out. Dwight didn’t do as well as he hoped against the team that he basically made up. He should be pretty upset right now. The Laker’s last win was three games before this.

But, perhaps there is hope. The Laker’s were only 10 points behind the Orlando Magic.  Howard does still have whatever things he learned from the famed, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (“Cap”). Maybe, just maybe, Steve Nash (“Hair Canada”), Metta World Peace, Kobe Bryant (“KB”), Dwight Howard (the new “Superman”) and Pau Gasol can become one of the greatest starting lineups of all time. Let’s hope it comes soon.

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