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How to Avoid Drama

Drama is something everyone goes through, but how can anyone ever necessarily stay out of it?

 Staying out of drama can be an easy thing to do if people really try.  People get dragged into drama all the time.  Sometimes the people who get dragged into it want to try and get out or try to avoid it as best as possible. Well to those who are surrounded by drama daily, here are a few tips on how to make the situation better.  Stay out of it. That’s the best answer given.  When drama starts it doesn’t stop until everyone in that situation matures and gets over whatever petty things were said or done.  So here are a few tips to help out with avoiding drama.

  • Avoid the main source of drama.  All drama starts somewhere or from someone. So just try to avoid that main source of drama so that you are not a witness in anything that was said or done.

  • Don’t add to the drama.  After hearing all that was said and done, don’t add add in anything to the drama.  When the person trying to avoid the drama adds their input into the conversation it immediately gets more people involved, involving that same person who was trying to stay out of it.

  • Don’t side with anyone… Be a Peacemaker.  Don’t agree or disagree with anyone during drama, because all that does is just create more on behalf of the person trying to avoid it and the one that they say they’re against.  Staying neutral in the drama is one of the best things to do, in the case of making more by agreeing and or disagreeing with one person or another.

Drama comes in many variations.  Some in which are more crucial than others, but either way a good way to stay out and avoid it would be to follow the tips above.  This is not an ending to all of the drama that is occurring but it is a sure method on how people can at least avoid it.