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Everything that has to do with sports- Malcolm Smith

Malcolm Smith is this week’s topic. Smith was named Super Bowl XLVIII MVP. He is a good player and is on my top 15 list for players in the NFL. He should be on everybody’s list.

 Smith, the number 242 choice, was drafted in the seventh round in the 2011 NFL draft. People expected other players to be MVP, such as Richard Sherman or Russell Wilson.

Smith surprised fans everywhere by winning the award. He proved that you don’t have to be a first or second round pick to be an elite player.

Smith definitely deserves the award that was given to him. From his sportsmanship to his athletic ability, he has proven that he has what it takes to be MVP! Being an MVP takes hard work and dedication, and he has proven that he has just that.

Smith, being a linebacker, has shown that anyone can be athletic. For example, he ran after the ball as quick as a cornerback did, which is very impressive.