Drama Queen

Weekly post with information on the girls of drama.

This week’s drama queen of the week is Jordan Giordani.

Jordan has been acting since the young age of four.  Along with the school, she is involved in the Mishler Theaters ACT program.  There they do skits and have audition opportunities.  Jordan has involved herself in most plays through the school.  She has been in the ensemble for Seussical Jr. and in 30 Reasons Not To Be In A Play as the girl saying “ you should not be like your sister”.  Jordan also is in the upcoming play Peter Pan as part of the Pirate and Indian ensemble.

With drama being Jordan’s favorite class,  she finds her strengths being loud and creative, but can occasionally come across as shy.  Her favorite game is that of Freeze.  The concept is that someone freezes a scene once it has been set and change the concept that they get from the scene.  This game involves using the skill of improvisation and ones creativeness to make the performance interesting. This concept is also used for when the drama club holds after school improv activities for all grades.  Jordan also involves herself with the after school drama events.

Jordan’s favorite play is The Lion King, because of the assortment of costumes and the music.  From the play her favorite character is Simba.  She also likes Jennifer Aniston because she finds her similar to her and can find qualities that represent herself through Aniston.  They both looked shy till they opened up.

“Drama is something that helps get you out of your little shell and become a person who is more expressive,” Jordan said.