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This week’s throwback is Dexter’s Lab! Photo by Lynsey Davis.

This week’s throwback is Dexter’s Laboratory! This show was originally aired on Cartoon Network in 1996. Dexter is a ten-year-old boy genius.

Dexter has a secret laboratory hidden behind a bookshelf in his room. His sister, Dee Dee, is constantly annoying him by wondering what he is up to, although Dexter tries everything he can to keep her out, she somehow always finds a way into his lab. She is constantly breaking in and destroying his work.

Dexter was the smartest kid at his school. He was a favorite among all of his teachers and they began to treat him as a friend. The other kids became rather envious of him. When a new kid came to school, he instantly became Dexter’s rival. The student’s name was Mandark. He was smarter than Dexter and all of the teachers loved Mandark more than him.

One of people’s favorite episodes of Dexter’s Lab is episode 22 in season two called Golden Diskette. The episode is about how Dexter and Dee Dee find a golden diskette and earn a free trip to Professor Hawk’s magic factory.

In the future, I do not see this show returning. It was cancelled due to low views and bad ratings.