Pets Gone Wild


Photo by:Leah Tofano

Photo by:Leah Tofano
Photo by Leah Tofano

Highlights a student’s pet every week

This weeks Pets Gone Wild pet of the week is Sam.  He belongs to eighth grader Leah Tofano.  He is a Shih-Tzu and he weighs 20 pounds and is 10 inches tall.

 These types of dogs are very easy to take care of.

“He is very laid-back and he sleeps a lot,”  Tofano said.  “He is house-trained and he doesn’t shed,”  Tofano said.

Shih-Tzus do not need to be washed very often.  They only need to be washed two to three times a month.

“We wash him twice a month,” Tofano said.

Shih-Tzus, like any other dog, also need to be walked or let outside often.

“We take him on walks often when the weather is warmer,” Tofano said.

If any one wants to get a Shih-Tzu make sure they keep an eye on it if they let it go outside.

“He slipped out of his collar and ran four blocks,” Tofano said.