Pets Gone Wild


Photo by: Kyle Siskron

Highlights a student’s pet every week


This week’s Pets Gone Wild pet is Buddy.  Buddy belongs to ninth grader Kyle Siskron.

Photo by: Kyle Siskron
Photo by: Kyle Siskron


Buddy is a Toy Fox Terrier, and Kyle has had him for three years.  He is around 15 to 20 pounds. He is also a foot and a half.

 These types of dogs are family friendly.  They love everyone, especially kids.

“He likes people and other animals,” Siskron said.

They should be wash about once a month.

“We wash him every few weeks,” Siskron said.

Toy Fox Terriers should be walked often, especially when the weather is nice.

“I walk Buddy everyday or every other day when the weather is good enough for it,” Siskron said.

They also have energy.

“He runs around the house like an idiot and usually runs into everything,” Siskron said.