Pets Gone Wild

Highlights a student’s pet every week.

This week’s Pets Gone Wild pet of the week is Max. Max belongs to seventh grader Isaiah Cornelius. Max is a pug. He weighs 3 pounds and is a foot tall.

“My dad got Max off of his friend so we didn’t need to name him,” Cornelius said.

“We have had Max since March 18 of 2013, so we only have had him for half of a year,” Cornelius said.

This breed of dog should be washed once a month.

“I wash my dog once a month,” Cornelius said.

Pugs are very playful dogs.

“The reason these types of dogs make such good pets is because they are very playful,” Cornelius said.

These dogs don’t need to be walked very often.

“I walk my dog every once in a blue moon,” Cornelius said.