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The week’s throwback is The Spectacular Spider-Man. Photo courtesy of Lynsey Davis.

This week’s throwback is The Spectacular Spider-man! The show was cancelled after a year of being on television. The show was cancelled due to Marvel making a new Spider-man series.

The Spectacular Spider-man originally aired on The CW, Disney XD and Kids WB. The show’s maker, Marvel, thought that the show could be better fulfilled with holding more than one title, The Ultimate Spider-man, so they released a new animated series to go off of the older one. That is where the show The Spectacular Spider-man comes from. Before the animated series came out, they made a two-issue magazine about the the cartoon.

One of the most popular episodes would have to be episode 26, “The Final Curtain.” Spider-man begins to get tired of battling the Green Goblin’s henchmen. In this episode, Peter Parker, better known as Spider-man, is in the middle of a love triangle. At the end of the episode, Norman, suspected to be the Chameleon, gets on to a plane to Florida, leaving the series at a cliffhanger.

In the future, the show isn’t likely to come back due to there being a new Spider-man show called The Ultimate Spider-man.