Teen Tips


How to Overcome Nerves

Giving tips on how to get over nerves and come at ease with what you are doing.

 When it comes down to it, everyone gets nervous or shaken up by something.  For some, they may get nervous when it comes down to public speaking and doing something that pertains to a large crowed.  The simple fact of life is that everyone gets nervous!  No matter how hard they try to hide it.   Whether it’s stressing out over a big project or preparing for a test, the tips below will help through it all:

  • For starters, make sure to fully think out what the qualifications and standards are for the event taking place.

  • Second, plan out what needs to be said, in order to verify what needs to be done.

  • Third, don’t worry about what others think.  Chances are that they are just as nervous.

  • Don’t flake out.  Be confident and stand the grounds needed to get people’s attention.

  • Be prepared.  Don’t wait until the last second to gather up what is going to be said.  Because, by then there wouldn’t of had enough time to fully think over and comprehend the specific topic needed to know.

  • Just think “It’s all going to be over soon and no one will even remember.”

  • Take a deep breathe and count to 10.

  • If all fails just imagine everybody in their underwear.

Nerves can do a lot to influence people and make them feel like they can’t do something but in the end anyone can overcome them and conquer what they need to conquer.  Sometimes they may get in the way of an important event or presentation but in that case just follow the tips above and everything will go as smooth as planned.