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Everything that has to do with sports- Koji Uehara


This week’s topic is baseball. This week is about Koji Uehara of the Boston Red Sox. He is number 19 and is a relieving

pitcher for the team. Uehara is an elite relief pitcher and is valuable in their roster.


In 2013, he had 101 strikeouts and played 73 games. He also only lost one game out of five. Uehara is a really good player and has multiple pitches that he uses to strike people out. The basic pitches are the fastball, changeup and curveball.


He is from Neyagawa, Japan and was born on April 3, 1975. He has played for five years at the age of 38. Uehara never went to college, but instead he was drafted right out of high school.


He has 21 saves along with having 13 holds as a pitcher. He has one of the lowest ERA’s in the MLB. It is 1.09. An ERA is earned runs average.


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