Drama Queens


This week’s Drama Queen of the week is Jessica Ickes.

 Currently she is only involved with the drama class, but fills in her time with some of her most favorite things.  For one, she spends a majority of her time listening to music.  She also enjoys watching a very popular “youtuber” known as Shane Dawson.  he is known for doing parodies of songs and movies.  He has more than one channel and on one of them he does daily video blogs.

In school, her favorite class aside from drama is Foods For Healthy Living.  In this class, the teacher, Brandi Juart teaches students to cook safely homemade delicacies that will make a person’s mouth water.  In the past they have made crepes, smoothies and even have a secret ingredient challenge.  In drama, Ickes finds it easy making friends, but when it comes to improvisation and talking on stage she can find it a bit challenging.  Her favorite teacher is Don Church and she feels,” He is fabulous.”  Ickes also takes for a second language German.

Out of all the movies out there Ickes enjoys the comedy 21 Jump Street.  She finds the idea of getting a second chance to be someone else for a good cause at the same time.  Also, her favorite musician is Ronnie Radke.  he is an American muscisian as the lead vocalist in Falling in Reverse.

“ Drama keeps you on your toes yet at the same time is an easy going, carefree class,” Jessica Ickes said.