Students affected by social media


Students around the nation have multiple different types of devices that they can use to access different social media sites. It can begin to affect their behavior and viewpoint on several topics such as school, work ethic and their relationships with their friends, teachers and parents.  When students get affected by social media, it can cause a distraction to their school work and accumulate in incomplete grades and ineffective study habits.

One of many social media sites that is proven to be a big distraction and affect the students thought process while working would be one such as Facebook. Statistics show that over 94% of students pertaining to the age group of 12 to 15 year olds are involved and or related to Facebook.

Facebook has a private chat system or a group chat. This could provide many of the students to be able to cheat on homework together. Along with the many negative effects of social media, there are also many positive effects. Students can help their fellow peers with group projects, with studying for a test or quiz or to know when something is due.

Students that check their social media sites while studying or doing homework, tend to have grades that are about 20 percent lower than students who do not check these websites while studying.

Social media sites can also impact a person’s happiness. This may happen if they see something on there that someone has said about them or others in a rude or vulgar way. This could change their mood and attitude for the whole day or towards their school work.

As a whole it has come to attention that the negative affects seem to outweigh the positive. Social media makes it difficult for students to do work independently and easier to copy others work. This will cause student to adapt bad habits that will make future after high school institutions to be difficult. Students are being affected daily by social media. They need to do more independent work without the help of others or of social media sites.