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With their newest console slowly sinking into the depths of doom, Microsoft needed a game to save the XBOX One. Lucky for them, game publisher and developer EA had something to do the trick, at least temporarily. Though Titanfall can’t singlehandedly defeat the PS4 and make the XBOX One win this console generation, it sure can help. Sales for the game and console alike were extremely high, surely bringing some profits for Microsoft. Although the game is on PC and XBOX 360 too, it seemed to help the XBOX One the most. With the XBOX One selling about 100,000 more units than the week before, Titanfall selling over 900,000 units just on XBOX One and the console leading the charts, even beating the PS4 and 3DS, companies like EA and Microsoft can pack this project away as a success.

Photo of the XBOX ONE/Titanfall bundle.

courtesy of http://www.flickr.com/photos/majornelson/11955291275/


+Great online

+Awesome gameplay

+Feels original

-No single player

-Bland environments

Though the game may be great there are still some problems casting a shadow over the righteous light of this game.. It is being marketed as a next-gen title, but the graphics feel as though they could be pulled off on a PS3 or XBOX 360. There is no single player so you’re stuck with nothing if you don’t have XBOX Live, and the environments feel kind of bland, like they were pulled off of Call of Duty. The good outshines the bad for this title though, as it has great online, feels extremely original and has wonderful gameplay. Overall the game gets a 90/100, and has received excellent ratings elsewhere.


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