Pets Gone Wild

Pets Gone Wild

Highlights a student’s pet every week

This week’s Pets Gone Wild pet of the week is Daughtry.  Daughtry belongs to seventh grader Marissa Esposito.  Daughtry is a Lab and Rottweiler mix.  He is 95 pounds, and he is two and a half feet tall.  Esposito has had him for four years, and she got him in November of 2009.

Esposito named her dog Daughtry because it was a name of a celebrity she likes.

Daughtry is a very good household pet.

“Daughtry is a good household pet because he is very friendly and he loves everyone,”  Esposito said.

Daughtry can also be a troublemaker.

“We used to have a sliding glass door with a screen, one time he didn’t realize the screen was there and he walked through and broke it,” Esposito said.

“We are very happy to have Daughtry in our life,” Esposito said.

He puts a smile on her face.

 “At Christmas time we give Daughtry presents and he unwraps them,”Esposito said.

Daughtry never goes outside.

“We do not walk him because he is scared of the outside,” Esposito said.

Seventh grader, Marissa Esposito poses with her dog Daughtry. Esposito has had her dog for four years. Photo by Hanna Feathers