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Magazine sale assembly

Magazine sale assembly

September 20, 2019

Peace! On Thursday. April  5 seventh and eighth grade had an assembly for the upcoming PSSAs. During the assembly preformences by the Jr. High cheerleaders, student council, drama club and the JPP even made a slideshow.

PSSA Assembly

April 6, 2018

Jump Jump! Ninth grader Ryan Beck jumped in a trash bag to help the 9th grade boys indoor track team in the obstacle course.  The obstacle course included 5 obstacle that left many athletes swept off their feet.

Ninth grade winter sports

February 10, 2017

Scare Cam: Ninth grade teacher Kenneth Krott laughs wildly at watching an episode of ROAR-diculousness. To add some excitement into the assembly PBS committee displayed a scare cam video.

PBS assembly

October 23, 2016