Magazine sale assembly

Sufana Hamid, Reporter

Wow Magazines Can Change A Day!  During the assembly, the representative of the magazine company explains the results of selling a lot of magazines. He explained to the freshmen what type of activities they might be able to do. “The more you sell the more you get,” the sales magazine’s representative said.
Raise Your Hand! During the magazine assembly, the students raise their hands to show agreement. They wanted to prove the fact that they can sell more magazines.
Listen For Information!  During the assembly, the students listen to the representative of the magazine company speaking to get more information about the free day. They listened to him speaking patiently to learn more.
Pay Attention!  During the magazine assembly,  the teachers pay attention to the assembly to understand what’s going on. They listened carefully to the representative of the magazine company as he continued his explanation.
Think About The Opportunities!  The representative of the magazine company gives the students some time to think about all of the good deals for selling the magazines.  He gave the students enough information to make them think and choose which amount of opportunities do they really want.
Do You Agree? The representative of the magazine company asks the students about the magazine assembly. He asked them to raise their hands for agreement. “ Raise your hand if you want to get a free day out of school,” the sales representative said.
How To Sell Magazines!? Kylee Sipes and Christina Dicus act out a perfect way of selling magazines. They acted out a simple and a nice way of how to sell the magazines.
Good Deal Good Talk!  The students talk about the good deals they were going to receive. They immediately started to chat about how many magazines they were going to sell.
A Free Day! The representative of the magazine company talks about how the students are going to have a free day. He explained everything with a lot of information about the topic. “Sell more magazines for more opportunities,” the sales representative said.