Barnes and Noble recognizes Educator’s Week


Students of the vocal ensemble sing at Barnes and Noble during Educators week.

Altoona is showing their ROAR in our community through love of books. During educator’s week different clubs in school visited Barnes and Noble. Teachers and parents volunteered to lend a hand at different events. .

The event ran from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. at Barnes and Noble store in Altoona in Logan Town Center. The store offered extra discounts to educators during the week and the school sent representatives to promote the event.This event ran from Jan.17 through the end of the week.

“It gets to be a pretty busy event,” seventh grade reading teacher Julie Good said, “it’s really fun to be there.”

Clubs such as student council, drama, parts of the music department, Aveidum and speech club participated. Parents and club advisers helped with special events. Different clubs did different events such as reading to kids or face painting.

“Aveidum group read to young kids at this event,” Aveidum advisor Amy Palfey said. “This event helps give us more ideas to read around schools more and do more with books.”

Different groups set up various booths with different activities. Kids and their parents could come and participate in the booths. Student council organized an origami booth, and drama did different skits people could come watch. The vocal ensemble sang different songs for people to also watch. They did new songs from the spring concert and winter themed songs.

“I’ts fun time I enjoyed being there,” Makenna Dunio a ninth grader in the vocal ensemble said.  “I like where it’s being at Barnes and Noble.”

The students can help at this event for as many years they are in the club.

“I did this event last year too,” Dunio said. “I really enjoy it every time.”
“It helps different students and parents come to Barnes and Noble during this event,” Good said.Students of the vocal ensemble sing at Barnes and Noble during Educators week.