Many students transfer mid year


New Students!

Speaking to any teacher, new students are upon the school. Daily, teachers are preparing for new students in their classrooms. One of the school’s newest students, eighth grader Sandy Wilson was soft spoken about how she felt about the school.

Q: As a new incoming student, what was your first impression of the AAJHS?

A: “I thought this school was so big and it was exciting.”

Q: What were your feelings here on the first day.

A: I was so worried on finding my classes, this school is so big.

Q: Why have you decided to join our school?

A: “My parents decided to move because they wanted a better environment for me and my family.”

Q: What are some of the things you have enjoyed in your time here?

A: “I really have been liking my classes and my lunch table.”

Q: What is your favorite course in your curriculum?

A: “I like integrated science.”

Q: Do you like your old school or AAJHS better? Why?

A: “I like this school better because it is bigger, and I like to walk around to each of my classes everyday.”

Q: Who is your favorite teacher? Why?

A: “My favorite teacher is Mrs. Gouse because she was very nice and welcoming when I first came here.”

Q: What kind of clubs or activities have interest you during your time here?

A: “I am really excited to join track and field, and after seeing ‘The Little Mermaid Jr,’ the drama club.

Q: What is something you don’t like about AAJHS? Why?

A: “There is nothing I don’t like here. I love the environment.”

Q: Have you made friends here yet?

A: “Yes I have.”

Q: What are you hoping to accomplish this school year?

A: “I am hoping to accomplish straight A’s.”