Carving the pow


Photo by hugochisholm from Flickr


This past weekend at Blue Knob the conditions were pretty bad but the weather was great. I know a few people that only wore a t-shirt Saturday during the day.

This week Blue Knob was closed all week due to lack of snow. I hope that they’re blowing snow and with the snow that accumulated over this week they should open back up this weekend. I plan on going up this weekend with friends and hopefully the conditions will be good so that we can ride the terrain park.

Whenever it is windy it is hard to stay stable in the air after hitting a jump. The wind blows hard at Blue Knob because it is on top of a mountain. When I went up last Wednesday the wind was blowing small ice particles and it stung when it hit my skin. Also the terrain park is way better when there is a little powder and not all ice.

Photo by hugochisholm from Flickr